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Discover the 9 Maui Secrets

  1. I feel like a VIP in my luxury Suburban SUV XL. Learn more >
  2. I cherish private views of Oprahs’ houses.  Learn more >
  3. I unlock secluded areas inaccessible to others. Learn more >
  4. I feel like a Maui local.  Learn more >
  5. I am taken special care of. Learn more >
  6. I am in control always. Learn more >
  7. I make a difference. Learn more >
  8. I escape and renew to the healthiest part of Maui. Learn more >
  9. I wear one-of-a-kind Eat Pray Maui bracelet with hand-picked benefits. 


Hungry for success, your own success not someone else’s idea of success.


Inspiring people to focus on and accomplish their dreams.


Escape the everyday and “Live the Island Life”